Our first class cheat detection online application available by annual subscription. Let FINGER's powerful search engine assist you in identifying these POIs, who often work in teams to hit a casino when it is most vulnerable. Identifying even one such POI through FINGER could lead to identification of other team members, tracked via POI associates within FINGER. We guarantee your establishment to have a cheat free successful opening phase and a reputation, which will discourage future visitors from the organized cheat fraternity.

   Silver Finger
The soul of the FINGER system. This keyword search engine contains more than 21,000 POIs from the past 32 years to the present day. The records are constantly updated retroactively. Silver FINGER can not only identify the POI but can also provide additional information, such as used alias names and possible associates of the POI, profile images, and related video clips (if available). Searching for names, ID information, gender, DOB for both the POI and their partners, is also possible.
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   Gold Finger
An enhanced version of the Silver FINGER database with an additional face recognition system powered by Cognitec. To use this function, simply drag in a photo taken from the passport of the POI or even an image taken by your CCTV a POI can be recognized even with images taken from decades ago with 99% accuracy.
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   Alert service
The ALERT is a free service that is a part of both Silver Finger and Gold Finger. Alerts are an event basis information service driven by our massive community background within the gaming industry. All alerts are published in the Finger system, and a part of them is in the closed social media platforms. History of alerts is available and searchable in your active Finger account.
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Don't you find the POI who occurs problem on the gaming floor? Let's chat with our expert through our secure peer-to-peer channel via your active Finger account. The first two occasions are free.
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