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Every year, the gaming industry loses millions in revenue to highly organized, experienced, and well-funded international teams, whose sole aim is to infiltrate a gaming establishment. Especially when a casino first opens to the public, when the gaming staff is mostly new to each other and also to the players, there is a risk of being exploited by professionals. During this vulnerable period, it is hard to differentiate between unknown guests and unwanted guests, who seem to become more experienced and bolder with each perpetration.

FINGER is a cheat-detection platform, based on decades of experience, available on a subscription basis to casinos worldwide to assist in the identification of POIs (persons-of-interest) to casino management, security and surveillance departments. These POIs range from known fraudsters, scammers, money launderers, terrorists, organized criminal groups (OCGs), loan sharks, kidnappers, pickpockets and wanted criminals by law enforcement.

The FINGER database has over POIs profiles and continues to be updated on a regular daily basis. FINGER's POI profiles contain information, such as known aliases as well as other associates, with the facial images, video footages, POI's modus operandi and game preferences. Having the ability to identify a POI when they enter your establishment is, needless to say, invaluable. On the other hand, not knowing that one of these POIs is in your establishment could be detrimental to your bottom line profits. The information that FINGER provides is vital to combat fraud and restore true percentage hold, back to a more profitable level. FINGER surveillance assistant truly is your 'friend' and one you cannot afford to ignore.

Who are we?

In short, we are specialists in casino risk management.
Our leader is a well known WGPC lifetime achievement awarded casino surveillance expert, who started a surveillance platform as a hobby, in the early 1990s. When the first digital images were being shared in security groups, this personal database started constantly growing, as information came flooding in from all around the world.
We were still able to provide assistance to casinos from all over the world with identifying POIs that have entered their premises and acting suspiciously and on many occasions, we have managed to 'Finger' these suspicious characters and save the casino from some potentially heavy losses.

By leveraging on the latest web technologies, we have managed to put FINGER online as a web application, that can now be accessed by casinos from anywhere in the world and track the movement of these groups as they move from place to place around the globe.
Okay, but what about data protection? Finger complies with the data protection laws,- it could have looked that this rule protects the criminals more than your business, no worries we help you to protect your interest. Read more about data protection.

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Finger is an excellent database. within seconds, I was able to detect any suspicious player, including his accomplices.
Vladimir Losek
I have started accessing Finger database and by my opinion, it will be one, if not the major tool for our cctv department, very easy and quick to use, perfect quality of most pictures, associates, aliases and user friendly interface. Finger is very useful, especially for our region cause there are a lot of Georgian, Russian and Caucasians etc in the database.
Shota Amiranashvili
Peace Ltd, Casino Peace
Preventing a problem is always cheaper and causes less stress than dealing with it once it happened. Finger is the best tool there is currently for identifying cheats and advantage players before they hit you casino floor. With a huge and growing database and an expensive professional network, any serious casino operation needs to have this tool.
Robert Brassai
Sense 4 Gaming
I am accessing Finger and i think this is the tool which all CCTV department and casinos should have access to... there is a huge database and it is very useful and easy to manage.
Erdem Dincer
Estoy empleando la base de datos de Finger, logrando identificar a varios miembros de grupos de tramposos que operan en Latam, nos beneficia al facilitar la rápida detección de estas personas, y su actividad fraudulenta. Recomiendo a todo profesional contar con esta excelente herramienta.
Johan Gallego
Royal Casino Hotel La Hacienda
Having more than 25 years in casino surveillance has allowed us to identify thousands of risk situations linked to people who do not come to the casino to play. Many of them ended up in prison and many kicked off the property, but having a great tool like Finger helps greatly to improve efficiency in prevention and / or quick identification, not only of people but of the situations that they could provoke, resulting in better reactions that save time and money to the casino. Easy to use and to find
Prof. Enrique Leite
I've been using the FINGER database for a long time...Very user friendly interface and all the necessary data to identify unwanted people for our business. Many thanks to the creators of this product!
Aleksandre Alkhazishvili
Casino "Iveria" Tbilisi
Weve been using Finger Online for a few years now and I may easily say that this is the most efficient database we have seen till today. Its not concentrated to a specific area and the most up to date information is ensured for the safety of our assets.
Serdar Demir
Princess Group International
We are using FINGER online during the last few years. I can say that this database is a fantastic tool and has helped us a lot to prevent our venue from local and international cheats and significant problems. FINGER database helps us to stop prematurely some people from further action...All of the members help to make FINGER to grow and expand information which we need. Easy to use.
Kaloyan Petrov/Surveillance Corporate
CT Gaming PRC Sofia
On my opinion if you want to keep your casino business in safe if you are responsible for that you must use it!!! The biggest!!! Always actual!!! Perfect feedback!!! Thank you Finger Team we are happy to cooperate with you!!!
Aniakin Viacheslav
Globus Exclusive D.O.O. Diamond Palace Casino Zagreb
As we all know no casino can survive without a scam and prevention is always better than cure there is nothing better than Finger in my close to 5 decades of casino career. It is like a love at first sight even as a paying customer. GoldFinger’s so quick to use with its image search and the quality of the images are really good. Well done Finger 👏
Leonard Loh
Koh Kong Resort


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